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An Artificial Limb for Observatory Hill

In old plans of the City of Stockholm the ridge appears as the most eccentric feature within the city fabric. In many parts of the city it is now built over, but at it is still visible and gives the site its specific characteristic. Observatory Hill is quite easily accessible from the southern, eastern and western side, however on the northern side of the hill there is yet a connection missing: between the City and the park . Until now, there is nothing but a visual connection.The proposed building for the New Library seeks to operate as the missing physical connection between the park at Observatory Hill and the new Library Complex with its adjacent neighbourhood. It is partly carved into the mountainside and serves as a junction between the upper level of the park and Odengatan and furthermore also to the proposed Shopping Mall and the Metro at Odenplan. The connecting part of the Building is supposed to be accessible 24 hours and is meant to be together with the adjacent park a new urban hotspot with restaurant/cafeteria study and meeting facilities.

The new Library

In the proposed scheme one can individuate three parts

1. An underground element, a plate connecting the Asplund Building with the new library,ensuring the travelling of books and people between the two complexes in the direction of the east-west axis of the old library and also linking the library to the underground parking garage where the Logistic Centre is located and where the entire complex is supplied with media and goods. It further hosts depositories and staff rooms which are orientated to a courtyard. The top of this floor forms an urban piazza between the two buildings.

2. 3 floors develop from the urban piazza, partly cut into the mountain and actually operating morphologically and functionally as the artificial limb we are referring to in the title. This part of the building provides access to the shopping mall next to the Folksam Building and further to the Subway Station, continuing in the upper floors to the park. It is meant to be open 24 hours and is hosting the more public parts of the program of the new library.

- Foyer with Information Desk, Auditorium, Book Return Facilitiesand Cloakroom/Lockers

- Offices for Visit-Oriented Activities

- The actual Entrance to the Library accompanied by the News Zone, 24 h Learning Zones, Studios and Teaching Rooms

- an elevated Public Deck on top with a Restaurant and multiple connections to the park.

3. A container like structure floats above this public deck which actually hosts the subject areas, the open media collection of the different departments and the associated learning spaces. Suitable spaces for concentration or just pleasurable reading are found between "cut out" bookshelves and having double room height. The reading rooms have natural light coming through the transparent panes, inserted within the translucent facade, giving not only room to analyse books, but to analyse the city as well.

The Asplund Library

The Asplund Library should be reorganized in the original layout and will host the Fiction Department. The top floor of the building is reserved for Administration. On the Entrance Level under the floor of the Rotonda there will be a Foyer with Book Return Facilities and Cloakroom and the ramp to the new building. In the Entrance Floor there will also be additional Reading Zones and part of the Administration. The Asplund Children Library will be used and extended into the new building with and underground connection. It can be accessed from the new and the old building. The Swedish Institute is located in the bazaar building along Sveavägen.

In order to provide a generous special layout for the new Stockholm City Library it was decided to sacrifice the old Annex Buildings. The new scheme wants to ensure the existing circulation around Asplunds building and keep the connection between the library pond and park and the new piazza along Odengatan.